Tour du Mont Blanc Maps for Self-guided Hiking


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Unlike some long distance hikes that require good navigation skills, the TMB is on an established and well sign posted trail. Therefore you won’t need to rely on detailed topographic maps to find and stay on the trail. However, there are instances whereby additional navigation support may be required:

  1. There are many alternate TMB routes and therefore it can be confusing at key junctions as to which trail to take. (See right as an example). After a few long days on the trail, taking a miss turn is the last thing your legs (and stomach) want!

  2. If you do find yourself off your intended route - whether because you took a wrong turn or decided to take a detour for weather, food, accommodation or shortcut - you will want to know the fastest trail/s to navigate to your desired end location.

  3. Most hikers like to plan their day with rest stops - whether for food, drinks, bathroom and water refill. Most maps and signs along the trail don’t have this information available. Therefore, you may be left guessing how long until the next toilet, apple pie or water refill.



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I’ve created a mobile trail map of the Tour du Mont Blanc that works offline, providing hikers their exact location in relation to the trail. This gives hikers clear direction on the right trail at any confusing junction or path. It works the same way you would use Google maps in urban areas.

Over the past 2 years, I've recorded nearly 2,000 GPS coordinates resulting in a comprehensive Tour du Mont Blanc mobile trail map, that can be used on any Android or Apple smartphone.

As the mobile trail map works offline, no mobile reception is necessary to use it for navigation.  This is because the mobile map uses the GPS function of your smartphone which utilises satellite position rather than towers providing internet or cell signal. This offline feature is useful in parts of the trail where there is no cell signal and especially for international travellers that choose not to buy a local sim or activate a data roaming package when hiking the TMB.

These GPS coordinates have been grouped into the same 130+ subsections in the itinerary builder program. This means you receive a set of mobile maps that reflects your custom TMB itinerary, broken down per day.



Tour du Mont Blanc Map of the Elite 6-Day Main route.

Your location is shown on the map with a blue dot. Your distance, elevation and estimated time is updated in real-time.

Know how far you’ve completed that day and what the plan is for the following day.


Once you start your hike, your location will be marked on the map provided you have your smartphone GPS turned on.  Remember that your smartphone GPS runs independently of your smartphone signal, so provided you have downloaded the underlying maps (I provide instructions on how to do this) for the entire route beforehand, you can use the app offline. The trail/hiking statistics for each section and day in your itinerary can also be found in each trail marker on the map. I want you to access the information you need as quickly as possible then get back to enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Alps.


Map markers have been coloured differently so you can easily identify which to lead you on the trail and which are for services you may need. The colours represent;

  • Red & Yellow: Your daily itinerary alternates between red and yellow trail markers, and links back directly to your personalised itinerary. I.e Day 1 = Red, Day 2 = Yellow, Day 3 = Red .....

  • Pink: Toilet / WC

  • Blue: Water Refill

  • Brown: ATM

  • Purple: Food / Restaurant

  • Green: Shortcut Options with timetable and prices i.e Train, Gondola, Bus (these will be updated for 2019 timetables/costs at the start of Jun-19)

  • Orange: Places of interest such as end of each sub-section and day

Shortcut locations are shown in green and information is provided on schedule and prices

Shortcut locations are shown in green and information is provided on schedule and prices

Toilet locations are shown in pink on the map

Water re-fill locations are shown in blue


We can create you a custom offline mobile map if you’ve already decided on your route. Otherwise, start by choosing an itinerary that is right for you which will come with a mobile map too!

Already have one of our TMB itineraries?  Click here to find our instructions on how to load the mobile map onto you smart phone