My submission for the annual TMB calendar model competition…

My submission for the annual TMB calendar model competition…

I'm an Australian that has spent the last 7 years living in Vancouver, London and now Amsterdam. My wife and I go hiking as much as possible, with a goal of spending 50 days a year in the mountains. This was very achievable when living in Vancouver, but requires more effort since we've been in Europe.

Our hiking adventures started as regular day trips, then moved to overnighters and finally longer multi-day trips. Since moving to Europe, we’ve explored an incredible variety of multi-day hiking trails. From the fjords of Norway, deserts of Jordan, moon-like terrain of Iceland, Berber trails of the High Altas in Morocco and grandstand peaks of the Alps.

Chartered Accounting is my trade, with expertise in banking regulatory calculation systems. I spent the first 10 years of my career helping big companies transform themselves, to keep pace with changes in technology and regulatory developments. Recently, I left to spend more time doing what I love.

During my many years of convincing others to go hiking, I've found a few common problems that prevent people from going. I believe I can solve these problems using advances in technology and remove any fear, uncertainty and doubt from hiking trips.

The Haute Route was a life changing journey for me so I focused on providing solutions that help all future hikers prepare and hike this route with confidence. Despite their already being many services for Tour du Mont Blanc hikers, many of my Haute Route customers said their was nothing like my platform that supports self-guided hikers plan and prepare for the Tour du Mont Blanc. As I have experience on the TMB trails, I’ve decided to see if I can help.

Happy Hiking,